Alexa Wright

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University of Westminster

ALEXA WRIGHT is an artist based in London, U.K. She works with photography, video, sound and objects. Alexa has worked at the intersection of art and science since the mid-1990s, when she became known for her award-winning photographs of people with phantom limbs titled After Image. Many of her projects involve collaborations with medical scientists and/or people with medical conditions or disabilities. Her work asks philosophical questions about human identity and otherness, and also aims to reduce stigma around difference.

Recent exhibitions include: Phantom Limb, Victoria Museum and Gallery, Liverpool (2016); Piecing it Together, St Pancras Hospital, (participatory project), (2016); Hybrid Bodies, KunstKraftWerk, Leipzig, Germany (2016); The Flesh of the World, Justina M Barnicke Gallery/University of Toronto Art Centre (2015); Slippage, The Unstable Nature of Difference, Chester University Gallery (2015); NordArt2015, Büdelsdorf, Germany; Crafting Anatomies, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham (2015); Hybrid Bodies, Centre PHI, Montreal (2014).
Alexa is Reader in Art and Visual Culture at the University of Westminster.