Andrew Carnie

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Winchester School of Art

ANDREW CARNIE is an artist and academic with cross-disciplinary training in fields as diverse as chemistry, painting, zoology and psychology. His practice frequently considers neurology and the brain, specifically how the sense of self is constructed. Carnie’s work often evolves from meaningful interactions with scientists. He explores innovative ways to portray the data, processes and cultures that his scientific and medical collaborations reveal. Carnie’s work is typically time-based, involving slide projection, dissolve systems and/or video projection onto complex screen configurations. In a darkened space layered images appear and disappear on suspended screens, the developing display absorbing the viewer into an expanded sense of space and time through the slowly unfolding narratives that evolve before and around them. His work has been featured in exhibitions internationally, including the Science Museum, London; Whitechapel Gallery, London; The Wellcome Trust, London; Morevska Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic; Exit Art, New York City; the Pera Museum, Istanbul; and the Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, South Korea. Carnie is represented by GV Art London.