Catherine Richards



Catherine Richards is a visual artist working in old and new media art. Her work explores the volatile sense of ourselves as we are shifting our boundaries – a process in which new technologies play a starring role.

She has exhibited within and without North America at major venues including: the sole Canadian selected for the Sydney Biennale, 2004, considered by the Canada Council for the Arts as in the top three international art venues; more recently, Transitio_MX 05, Mexico, 2013; ZERO1 Garage, USA, 2013; AV Festival, UK, 2012.  Her work has been discussed in publications by major theorists in the field including Frances Dyson (2009) and Katherine Hayles (2006), and has been included in key surveys such as the recent Art & Science Now, Thames & Hudson (2010), edited by Stephen Wilson and Art and Electronic Media, Phaidon (2009), edited by Edward Shanken. Richards is well known for collaborating with scientists and won the Artist in Residence for Research Fellowship (AIRes), at the National Research Council of Canada, 2002-2005. Her work has been supported by such foundations as the Daniel Langlois Center for Art, Science and Technology, Montreal, and received awards such as the highest media prize in Canada from Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts.