Exhibition – Junctures of a Haphazard Kind

Stitched watercolours: Andrew Carnie working with Alice Kettle and Rachael Causer

Panel – Organ transplantation and art – Alexa Wright

Conference was jointly organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute, the British Museum’s Department for Africa, Oceania and the Americas, and the Department of Anthropology at SOAS

Article in Journal of Surgical HumanitiesArticle in Journal of Surgical Humanities

Ingrid Bachmann tracks her early research into medical textiles used in heart valves to her initial collaboration with the PITH team and the physicians at the University of Toronto.

Hybrid Bodies at London Gallery West

Hybrid Bodies talk at London Gallery West, November 2017

Hybrid Bodies exhibition London Gallery West

Hybrid Bodies Project exhibition at London Gallery West from 19 October to 16 November 2017

Presentation at Taboo Transgressions Transcendence Conference

Andrew Carnie conference talk at the Ionian University, Corfu Greece, May 2017.

Meaning of the Body Exhibition

Andrew Carnie and others at exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Corfu

Print Me a New Body BBC4

BBC Radio 4’s programme ‘Seriously…” featured the contributions of Alexa Wright on their episode entitled “PRINT ME A NEW BODY”.

Silent Signal Symposium

Alexa Wright symposium presentation at the University of Derby to accompany the exhibition of Silent Signal at QUAD

Hybrid Bodies Phase Two Begins

Team members meet in Toronto to begin phase two of the project: the issue of transplantation from the perspective of the donor families.

Presentation at Vesalius Continuum

Andrew Carnie talk at Vesalius Continuum Conference in Greece