Silent Signal Symposium


Hybrid Bodies artist Alexa Wright presents at the Silent Signal Symposium

In partnership with QUAD and the University of Derby, Animate Projects presents a symposium at the University of Derby to accompany the exhibition of Silent Signal at QUAD in February 2016.

Taking Silent Signal as a departure point for a broader look at collaboration at the intersection of art, science and technology, the day will feature presentations from the Silent Signal collaborators, and panel discussions with those from the fields of both art and science.

QUAD is a centre for contemporary art, film and creative use of new technologies that is based in Derby city-centre.

Established in 2006 QUAD curates up to 20 exhibitions per year in Derby, UK and internationally and has three independent cinemas, with extensive participation, education, event, publication, commissioning, curatorial and residency programmes. QUAD is the Artistic Director of FORMAT International Photography Festival biennale. Previously commissioned artists include Jane and Louise Wilson, Lindsay Seers, Ronnie Close and Marinella Senatore.

Hybrid Bodies brings together the work of four internationally exhibiting artists from Canada and the UK. Their different works are united by the compelling subject matter of heart transplant. Since 2007 the four artists (Alexa Wright GB; Ingrid Bachmann CA; Andrew Carnie GB and Catherine Richards CA) have been working as part a larger interdisciplinary team, based at Toronto General Hospital and led by the Canadian Cardiologist, Dr Heather Ross and British philosopher, Dr Margrit Shildrick. The team, which also includes Dr. Susan Abbey, transplant psychiatrist and Psychiatrist-in-Chief, (University Health Network, Toronto), Dr. Patricia McKeever, health researcher (Bloorview Research Institute, Toronto), and Dr. Jennifer Poole, sociologist (Ryerson University) have explored the embodied experience of transplantation in recipients from a number of different perspectives. Alexa Wright gave a presentation on Hybrid Bodies including an overview of the project, focusing on the scientists’ change of attitude as the project progressed.