Tammer El-Sheikh



PHD.  Associate Professor, Art History, Studio Arts

Concordia University

TAMMER EL-SHEIKH received his PhD in the Department of Art History and Communications Studies at McGill University in Montreal. He received his BA (Philosophy, Art History) from the University of Toronto and his MA (Art History) from Concordia University. He is dissertation is on the reception of Palestinian-American critic Edward Said within the discipline of art history since the 1970s. The dissertation evaluates Said’s strategies of post-colonial critique through case studies of selected contemporary Egyptian art and curatorial practices. Dr. El-Sheikh’s research for the dissertation was funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and conducted at Columbia University’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Library where “Edward Said’s Collected Papers” are housed, and in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt. Dr. El-Sheikh’s writing on contemporary art and cultural politics has been published in the Canadian periodicals Parachute, CMagazine, Canadian Art and ETC, and internationally in exhibition catalogues produced by the Kunsthalle Wien.